LPM  Dance Theatre    

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The Charnock and Lathom Dances- Astley Illuminated

Over 2000 audience members joined us at Astley Hall on November 21st 2015 to experience LPM's Charnock and Lathom Dances. The promenade performance brought the house alive with dramatic dance, music, light and costume, celebrating two historical marriages reimagined through period and contemporary dance theatre.

LPM collaborated with Zemap Productions to create a dance film which was also screened as part of the event. 

Live Performance

Choreography- George Adams

Music- Dougie Evans

Performers- Claire Billington, Helen Gould, Ellen Jeffreys, Jenny Reeves, Ellen Turner, Grace Turner, Malachi Simmons, Jamie Pickles, Bethan Jones, Rocky Serg Widdowson & students from Albany Academy.

Photography by Michael Wray and Daniela Agliolo.

Dance Film- Michael Wray and Zemap Productions

Choreography- George Adams

Music- Dougie Evans

Performers- George Adams, Claire Billington, Helen Gould, Ellen Jeffreys, Jenny Reeves, Ellen Turner, Malachi Simmons, Jamie Pickles.